1. Using multiple types of SQL tables
    Difference between various types of SQL tables and when to use them
  2. Generator Functions in Javascript
    How to use generators for iteration
  3. Key benefits of Micro-services
    Advantages of using the micro service architecture
  4. For loops in Javascript
    Multiple ways to use a for loop in javascript
  5. Manage multiple Java versions on MacOS
    Using jenv to manage java versions
  6. Manage multiple NodeJS versions using NVM
    Explore node version manager
  7. Essential tools for Javascript developers
    Essential tools to setup a new machine for web development
  8. What is the JAMStack
    Learn more about what is the JAMStack and when to use this architecture
  9. Overview of front end javascript frameworks
    Front end frameworks - how to choose one for your project
  10. ReactJS collapsible component with dynamic height
    Create a collapsible component which may have dynamic height
  11. How to setup MySQL in Docker
    Run databases in docker for local development
  12. How to setup a MongoDB database in Docker
    Run databases in docker for local development
  13. Using object de-structuring with typescript
    Exploring object de-structuring
  14. Should you trust a website with HTTPS?
    Learn more about what HTTPS means
  15. ES6 spread operator
    Spread operator - values vs references